Interview Julian Calor

Interview Julian Calor

You have just released your new track, ‘Childhood’. What does this track mean to you?

It’s kind of an ode to everyones childhood. I tried to hit those happy/emotional notes 🙂

Why did you decide to write an album at such a young age? We have listened to ‘Evolve’ and we were so impressed. Good job Julian.

Thank you very much! I thought is was a really cool idea, since I had a lot of different projects with varying styles.

Your album includes 16 tracks and 1 continuous mix. Which is your favorite of those 16 tracks and explain why?

’Sorcerer’. I like the dramatic vibe and the technical elements to it. 🙂

Inside the album we found many different types of track  ‘Evolve’ for instance is so energetic, whilst others like ‘Pace’ are more Quiet and peaceful. Does this variety reflect how Julian is in reality?

Yes it does. Most of the time I’m calm and quiet, but I can be loud sometimes.

Explain to us the process of making the Album. Did you take old ideas made in the studio and work with those? Or did you prefer to start with new ideas for each track?

I did both! Some of the tracks took almost a year, because they were old projects. I even edited some tracks a month before the release date!

You released a track called ‘Triumph’ in 2013 with Oliver Heldens. What has changed since that track? Are you and Mr Koala still good friends? Does Oliver support your tracks?

It was a cool project with Oliver. It’s funny to see how different ours sounds are now! I still see him sometimes at festivals

Now you are a supported by Revealed Recordings, What have you got to say to the new producers and DJs that are coming up?

Keep your sound as original as possible!

Beginnings are always difficult. How were your early days in electronic music?

Almost the same as now. I was producing music all day long! Except for now I have gigs and interviews.

What type of music do you listen to outside of electronic, and what do you do in your free time apart from dj gigs and being in the studio?

Listening to movie soundtracks a lot. but also from classic rock to drum and bass.

Favourite Dj/Producer?


Quick Opinion about ghost producing?

It’s okay. But at least don’t claim to make everything yourself.

Do you have any favourite Spanish Djs/Producers?

Maceo Plex is cool.

- Juan Rdguez

Nací con ella, y todavía la sigo cuidando. Música electrónica. Porque sin ella la vida sería un error.